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Whether you’re a homeowner or site manager, you should understand the importance of repairing concrete foundations if you want to maintain the structural integrity of your building and keep it safe enough for people to inhabit. On most properties, the concrete cover should be done annually so that no repairs are required.

The point behind the maintenance of concrete surfaces lies in the fact that a well-groomed surface does not lose its strength. The idea of concrete repair is important, especially for people who live in temperate climates and regularly see a lot of rain. The reason for this is that water is one of the most destructive forces that could be introduced into a concrete surface.

Concrete Damage

In these climates, it is particularly easy for concrete surfaces to require repair or replacement if they take too long to be taken care of. A telltale sign is cracking. It is important to repair the concrete foundation if you find any cracks, as cracks in the concrete can cause water ingress. When water penetrates through cracks formed in a building, it can further erode the surface and weaken it over time. With sufficient time and neglect, it is not uncommon for water-eroded concrete surfaces to eventually break, creating a series of new problems.

In addition to leaking water through your foundation, there are several other signs that may indicate that repairs to concrete foundations are required, including cracks in walls are a kind of gauge, doors, cabinets, and windows that cannot be opened and closed properly. Uneven or otherwise uneven soils can also be an indicator that the foundation of your building requires a concrete restoration.

Concrete Restoration

To preserve concrete surfaces and prevent them from being cracked or jeopardized, you can restore damaged surfaces to restore their original strength.

Whatever the reason for damaging the foundation of your building, it is in your best interest to repair it as soon as possible. Not only is damaged concrete uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous to people in your building. This is not only because people stumble over columns that have formed on the floor, but also because the building may become unsafe. Furthermore, there are several instances where a concrete foundation repair is required to maintain the structural integrity of a building. This may be a partial collapse of the building due to flooding or earthquake or damage caused by overloading a deck or supporting slab or failure of the foundation due to improper installation.

In any case, where it appears that the concrete feet have to be repaired, a first detailed assessment of the problem, followed by the repair recommendations of a structural engineer, is the first step. Most likely, the building or structure showed some signs or there was evidence of a problem with the concrete foundation. Typical signs may be a sagging roofline, cracks in plaster or stucco or the building is unstable under certain loads. In the worst case, a building may have a red label and the residents would have to leave it until the inspector releases it as safe. Once the structural engineer has drawn up a series of repair plans, an authorized concrete contractor will be commissioned with the repairs. The contractor starts digging to expose the damaged parts of the foundation. Depending on the extent of the repairs, a support structure may be required to support one or more parts of the building during the repairs.

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